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Jarrah Logs (6"x5.5"x2")

Jarrah Logs (6"x5.5"x2")

Jarrah Logs (6"x5.5"x2")

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Jarrah - Eucalyptus Marginata - The jarrah is one of the many species of eucalyptus. The jarrah tree usually grows to about 40-50 meters high, with a trunk diameter of three meters. The trunk of the jarrah is long, straight, and has no branches on it. The jarrah tree has rough grayish brown bark with vertical grooves, which sheds in long strips.  The leaves of the jarrah tree are about 8 to 13 millimeters long. The top of the leaves are dark green and the bottom side is lighter. The species name of the plant "marginata" relates to the light colored vein around the edge of the leaf. The curved leaves are found at the top of the tree amongst the flowers. The flowers of a jarrah tree are white with a cone shaped bud cap, 5-9 millimeters long. The flowers are found in groups of 7-11. The flowers have a magnificent scent, while the ball shaped fruits grow to about 9-16 millimeters long. It flowers every other year making it a special event for bees to pollinate it and make honey. The jarrah tree can live as long as 500 years. The jarrah tree usually grows in gravely soil, but occasionally it is found in sand or loam. The jarrah tree has widespread distribution in the dry Australian Savannah.

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